The Lake



People have been asking me what I do every weekend at the lake.

In addition to walking, meditating and rejuvenating, I manifest. In other words, I create my own reality.

It has worked for every goal I set out to accomplish, the latest being a free yearly Club Med vacation, a drastic reduction in my debt, a dramatic reduction in cancer PSA levels, full-time employment, etc.

People ask me, “why the lake?” To me the lake represents a temporary escape from reality where I can relax undistracted and focus on my goals, while being grateful for what I already have.

Why do I feel need to temporarily escape reality? Reality has boundaries and limits. The lake does not.

Just to clarify… When I say the lake has no boundaries or limits, I mean that figuratively. Society will do everything it can to put limits on what it thinks you can or cannot do.

If your goals are within those limits, then you do not need to create your own reality, and you don’t need “a lake”.

I have designated the lake as a place where I can manifest things and create my own reality, without limits or boundaries.

I don’t need to go to the lake to do this, but it is peaceful there with no distractions and I can focus. Mindfullness is one of the components.

There are a few others just as important. Everybody has a “lake”.

Where is yours?

All those who wish to create their own reality and seek out their own “Laradise” are welcome to join me.

Let’s share our successes and failures together and help each other. And now if you will excuse me, the manifestation continues.